XT Specifications and Installation Download

How to install a FilterMag XT

1. The FilterMag XT Series is designed for permanent installation on cartridge style oil filter housings with diameters from 3.8”–8.8” (96mm–224mm). NEVER ATTEMPT TO PRY OFF A FILTERMAG WITH A SCREWDRIVER.

2. Choose a location for installation near the open end of the oil filter housing. Installation location should be free of obstructions, debris and dirt.
Wear Safety Glasses.

3. Hold the XT by the edges as shown. Position the XT near the intended installation location. As you get close to the oil filter housing, the powerful magnets of the FilterMag will suddenly pull the XT onto the housing. Caution! Extreme Magnetic Energy! Objects, clothing, gloves, and fingers can become permanently trapped between the FilterMag XT and the oil filter housing during installation.

4. Aluminum Housings—Use a band clamp through the slots on the XT’s end caps to position and secure the XT to the housing.

5. Clean Out—When replacing the filter cartridge, reach inside the housing with a clean, lint free, damp cloth and wipe away the wear causing particles captured by the FilterMag XT.


How to hold the XT during installation


Correct way to hold the XT during installation.


Don’t let your fingers get between the magnets and the filter housing or serious injury could result.



XT Installation Supplement Download


Stationary Applications

XT Installation on Aluminum or
Plastic Filter Housings

Tools Needed

1. Screwdriver or nut driver to tighten stainless steel band clamp.

2. Adjustable bar clamps or ratcheting strap clamp to pre-position FilterMag XTs when being installed by one person.

Before Starting Installation

A. Determine installation location near the open end of the filter canister. Measure for adequate clearance. May be placed on either vertical or horizontal canisters.

B. Installation location must be cleaned thoroughly to remove all oil, grease, debris and other contaminants. Note any iron or steel objects near the location that should be avoided by the magnetic side of the FilterMag XT during installation.

C. Normal Installation is two FilterMags placed opposite each other in a ring configuration using one band clamp.

D. Alternate installation is two FilterMags placed in a stacked configuration using two band clamps.

Installation Procedures

1. Run the free end of the band clamp through the slots in both end caps of one FilterMag XT.

2. If using the standard ring configuration, hold the first FilterMag in place and then position the opposite FilterMag. Thread the band clamp through the end caps of the second FilterMag and tighten the band clamp.

3. If using the alternate stacked configuration, position the lower FilterMag first and tighten the band clamp. Repeat for the upper FilterMag. Caution: Do not pass the second FilterMag over the first.

4. Alternatively, bar clamps or a strap clamp may be used to temporarily hold the FilterMags in position. The band clamp(s) may then be threaded through the end caps and tightened.


Normal Ring Installation.


Alternate Stacked Installation using two band clamps.


Detail showing band clamp installed through end cap slots.



Safety lanyard installed.


XT Installation Supplement Download


Mobile Applications

Instructions for FilterMag XT installation on aluminum or plastic filter canisters using anti-slip band for mobile, moving, or vibrating equipment

Anti-slip Band Installation

1. Peel back a short section of adhesive backing on the supplied strip of extreme temperature silicone rubber*.

2. Carefully stick the end of the strip to the filter canister keeping it tight against the bottom of the FilterMags.

3. Continue peeling off the adhesive backing while working the strip around the filter canister until the entire length has been applied.

4. Place the supplied stainless steel band clamp over the silicone rubber strip and tighten in place to fully secure the Anti-Slip Band.

*Rubber only (not adhesive) meets ASTM D2000 GE and MIL-ZZR-765, Class 2A and 2B with a temperature range of -60° to +400° F. (-51° to +204° C) Approximate durometer hardness is 50A (medium). Adhesive is acrylic and has a temperature range of 0° to 180° F. (-18° to +82° C)


Attaching Safety Lanyard (if supplied)

1. If your FilterMag XT is equipped with a factory installed stainless steel safety lanyard, simply attach the free end to a suitable attachment point.

CAUTION: Ensure the lanyard will not interfere with any moving parts. If installed on mobile equipment make sure the lanyard does not hang down or stick out where it could catch on passing objects when the equipment is in motion.


Extreme temperature silicone strip installed.


Stainless steel band clamp securing silicone strip installed.