Powerful, focused magnetic-field technology from FilterMag: It filters more effectively.

If engine oil and hydraulic fluid were perfect, the machines they lubricate would run forever. But lubricants have imperfections, so filters came along to address them. More precisely, to remove many of the contaminants that find their way into the fluids and wear out machinery and engine parts.

Now comes FilterMag and fluids can stay clean. Because FilterMag renders your filters more powerful and this makes all the vehicles, equipment and machinery you depend on run better and longer. And this cuts expenses and boosts your bottom line.

FilterMag works by applying a patented technology based on a powerful and focused magnetic-field. Attached to the outside of standard filters, FilterMag removes and restricts the most harmful metal particles from contaminating lubricating fluids. Filters without FilterMag would allow these damaging particulates to continue circulating, causing further damage and propagating more harmful particles exponentially.

FilterMag is specially engineered and formulated to resist the heat inside engines that would render ordinary magnets useless. FilterMag guarantees solutions that will keep working to filter out microscopic contamination that can escape less effective forms of filtration.

Now watch the video and see for yourself. Then call us to find out what FilterMag can do to cover your assets.  Get a free consultation and trial today.