Proven in the Field

Drill Compressor Case Study

84% Reduction in Particle Contamination with FilterMag

300% Increase in Expected Compressor Life


Two FilterMag CT4.9s were installed on each of four oil filters protecting the compressor. The results were stunning.

• 84% overall reduction in particles ≥4μm was achieved.

• 300% increase in expected life extension was derived from contamination reductions at 6 and 14 µm particle sizes.

• The life extension was established using Noria’s Life Cycle Multipliers for Diesel Engines and Hydraulics.

• FilterMag is a one time expense and comes with a 5-year warranty. Use it over and over when each oil filter is replaced, or as you replace equipment.


Natural Gas Compressor Case Study

??% Reduction in Particle Contamination with FilterMag


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Reduce Wear • Increase Reliability • Extend Equipment Life • Lower Maintenance Costs

Extend life and reliability between rebuilds. FilterMag removes contaminants which pass through traditional filtration—they are the primary cause of wear. Stop these and you dramatically cut equipment degradation and increase reliability. It can literally be seen with your own eyes and measured with ISO4406 oil analysis.

Mitigate damage from failures. Costs due to lost production, parts and labor can be substantially reduced if the failure is caught before it becomes catastrophic. When systems fail, FilterMag slows the effects of failure and reduces damage by quickly removing contamination from the oil. Rapid geometric buildup of contamination is slowed—and the resulting damage.

Measurable and Predictable. FilterMag’s aggressive clean-up of vital lubrication adds predictably longer life and greater reliability. A secondary benefit is the addition of a very simple visual method of early failure detection.