Proven in the Laboratory

4.9x4_0932.1In the hydraulic testing laboratories of a major equipment manufacturer, FilterMag was proven to quickly reduce particle counts.

Equipment: Hydraulic Power Unit

Filtration: Two spin-on filters rated at 10µm

FilterMags:  CT4.9s snapped onto the
outside of each filter

Run Time: Two hours after FilterMag installation

Results: 62% reduction in particles from baseline


Proven in the Field

Inside, outside, fixed, or mobile—FilterMag works where your hydraulics work.

Here are a variety of real world results from our customers:


Proven to Save Money

Faster repairs mean less downtime—
even when failure is 

When a hydraulic pump fails, the downstream particles can wreak havoc with your system. FilterMags installed on your high pressure filters can capture most of the damaging debris too small for your filters to stop. This can significantly reduce the amount of time and labor required to get up and running again.

Customers with large critical path hydraulics have reported savings in excess of $3 million as a result of FilterMag.

What is a day of downtime worth to you?


A cut open high pressure hydraulic filter that is showing tens of millions of particles captured during a hydraulic pump failure. Most particles are smaller than 10µm. 

Case Studies

Leach Pad Stacker Case Study

$3.5 Million Saved in Repair and Downtime

90% Reduction in Particle Contamination with FilterMag

Leach Pad Stacker Case Study

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The hydraulic pump had a history of failing every six months. 

This is because of a highly contaminated operating environment. Repair and system restoration from a pump failure would result in five to ten days of down time and millions of dollars in lost production.

Pump, filter, and oil replacement takes one day to replace. Physically swabbing out (pigging) all contaminated hydraulic lines could take a minimum of four days and up to 12 days if there was a “total pump melt down.”

Four FilterMag CT4.9s were installed on each of four high-pressure filters positioned immediately after the pump. 

The single return filter received four additional CT4.9s.

Three weeks after installation a pump failure generated a storm of particles from the Nibral (nickel bronze aluminum alloy) impeller. Nickel is highly susceptible to magnetism.

FilterMag caught 69 million of particles that would have passed through the 10 µm filters contaminating the hydraulic piping system and degrading the process equipment.

The entire repair and system restoration took only one day. Four to five days of production losses were avoided saving the company a minimum of $3.5 million.

Blast Hole Drill Case Study

Projected $1.23 Million Savings on 15 Drills

80% Reduction in Oil Contamination with FilterMag


FilterMag can help equipment to meet or exceed rebuilding targets.

Blast Hole Drills operate in a very hostile environment that degrades lubrication systems for its engine, compressor, and hydraulic system and causes the need for rebuilding critical components before their planned scheduled rebuild.

The Blast Hole Drill hydraulic system uses four FilterMag XT4s installed on each of the four canister filters.


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Injection Molding Press Case Study

Projected $975,400 savings on 10 presses


Press No. 37: 84% Cleaner Hydraulic Fluid in ONE HOUR
Press No. 24: 76% Cleaner Hydraulic Fluid in Three Weeks

4.9x4_0932.1Four FilterMag CT4.9s were installed in two stacked rings on each of the two spin-on filters on two presses.

FilterMag was combined with a kidney loop oil filter system operating at 25µm and a water capture filter. It was attached to a 500-gallon hydraulic fluid sump servicing an 800-ton press. The kidney loop system was added to both presses.

The spin-on filter captured the large particles and FilterMag worked on the sub 25µm particles. This allowed a higher fluid turnover (3–5 times faster than a traditional 10µm filter) and provided a capture efficiency exceeding the traditional approach. Although the test for Press #37 ran for two weeks; the 84% particle reduction was achieved in the first hour of operation!